In 1993 I was the sole producer for a three hour weekday news/talk radio show featuring former CNN Entertainment correspondent Sandy Kenyon. My responsibilities included researching story ideas, scheduling guest, and handling callers during the show. We covered diverse subjects such as domestic violence, drug abuse, and depression. I also arranged interviews with celebrity book authors such as Caleb Carr, Alan Deshowitz and Glenn Campbell. In 1993 we won an associated press award for our coverage of the elections in South Africa which included live interviews with Matt McFetridge from Johannesburg.

In 1998 I started a Dallas based production company with Chris and Candy Smith to create live entertainment for corporate events. Our corporate client list included such companies as Brown Foreman (Tuaca), Red Bull, Parliament Cigarettes and Sony. I was a major part of the creative team writing shows and created all the video and graphic promotional material. I also was the sole audio editor responsible for every show’s soundtrack. In 2003 I took up photography and quickly became the photographer for all the shows and promotional shoots.

Currently I am working with a pin-up dance group called The Diamond Bettys. This keeps me in LA to work with creator Renee Stone.